FLSS dedicates itself to developing and delivering successful staffing solutions. We understand arriving at a stated goal involves more than placing a few players in position, rather it requires mission assessment, team building, logistics planning, project management and finally, the fortitude to execute excellence to the end. We’re not looking just to win a contract; we’re looking to do the job right for our clients.

We educate, recruit and train native and non-native speakers to operate successfully in foreign cultures. FLSS provides a combination of services—cultural awareness, force protection, language services and operational training—depending on current conditions and situational need. Our natural core competency centers on Near Eastern and South East Asian cultures and languages, such as Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, and Urdu.

FLSS services several client bases:

  • We offer services to the Department of Defense to improve all phases of operational performance: pre-deployment, mission, and post-mission.
  • We create curriculum for education, give seminars, provide protective services, provide actors/role players and translate for civil government agencies.
  • We counsel corporate clients on business conditions, culture and language training.

We commit ourselves to superlative client service. Not only do we specialize in cost-effectiveness to ensure that each and every dollar attains its maximum potential, but we also provide leadership and project management at each and every step of the way to obviate any unforeseen surprises.




FLSS combines a variety of team members to simulate comprehensively conditions encountered half way around the world. We stand on our strong contacts in several communities to derive value for our clients: academia, combat veterans, local ethnic communities, and former SOCOM. In addition, we supplement our team members’ real world knowledge with proprietary materials derived from academic theory in order to deliver consummate human capital.

Most importantly, we assiduously assess our team members’ backgrounds and skills to certify they prove suitable for each client’s requirements.


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