“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” -- Vince Lombardi

Foreign Language Services Simulation (FLSS) provides partnership to the Department of Defense by preparing the military for operational support on training fields at home and overseas. Despite our name, our training assets extend beyond integrating and operating with FLS’s. We offer Field Training, Instructional and Technical services involving live, simulated or virtual milieus.

What separates FLSS’s training above the others? Our team members possess a wide array of military special operations experience. We have vetted these individuals to become Excellent Instructors, to bestow maximum potential to teammates and to pass down vital knowledge from today's battlefields. Clearly, training must be current, realistic and relevant. Our instructors practice with teammates until practice makes perfect on: problem solving and reasoning, adaptive leadership skills, cultural/environmental awareness and emerging battlefield technologies.

Our comprehensive training capacity covers critical details through training support (project management, scenario development, trainers, observer-controllers, and support staff) and training services (advisors, instructors, subject experts, and training/curriculum development). Furthermore, FLSS supplements staff for administrative, analytical, logistics staff support, strategic/tactical operations and planning, and technical.

Failure is not an option. FLSS knows each and every mission places lives and material in the line of fire. This explains our motto: “We’re not looking just to win a contract; we’re looking to do the job right”


FLSS creates value from its ability to integrate and to connect with ethnic communities both locally and internationally. Our core competency in Near and South East Asia makes us the go to option as advisers, role-players, and scenario developers. Every encounter with a foreign culture creates an interaction with a form of either explicit or implicit conflict. Our training palliates possible frictions and facilitates more fruitful communication and cooperation. Results could include: aiding locals to foster improved economic and social conditions, delivering messages thought media to influence favorable political outcomes, or collecting intelligence to move the mission forward.

FLSS maximizes mission capabilities for all phases of DOD operational preparation: pre-mission assessment, team building, logistics planning, project management, mission completion and evaluation. We are ready and capable to practice perfection with our teammates for any contingency in the Near East and South East Asia region.


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