Foreign Language Services Simulation (FLSS) knows the importance of effective law enforcement. Order, peace, freedom, and safety are the bedrocks of society, and those entrusted to protect that foundation deserve to be given the best tools to do so. FLSS has the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to offer comprehensive training, role-playing, support, and insight to many law enforcement branches in numerous scenarios. Our goal is to prepare those that protect us with the tools they need to make practical and effective decisions in the most ordinary or extraordinary circumstances.

What separates FLSS from the rest?

Police are assigned the difficult and delicate task of protecting and upholding the rights and safety of the citizens they serve while also ensuring their own safety isn’t compromised. This undertaking has proven to be difficult and can be nearly impossible without the appropriate training. Our team members possess the skills and experience necessary to support high-level, all-inclusive, and current training strategies. We have vetted our team and our partners to ensure that only top-level instructors followed by well-trained teammates are used to achieve maximum potential and pass down vital knowledge acquired from real-life law enforcement experience. Using modern, realistic, and effective training techniques, FLSS emphasizes problem solving and reasoning, adaptive leadership skills, environmental awareness, and non-lethal law enforcement tactics.


Our extensive training capacity covers critical details through training support (project management, scenario development, trainers, observer-controllers, and support staff) and training services (advisors, instructors, subject experts, and training/curriculum development). Furthermore, FLSS supplements staff for administrative, analytical, logistics staff support, strategic/tactical operations and planning, and technical.


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